The multiplicity of services provided

Perhaps the competition today has become very tough within the labor market, as the points of competition are close, and the differences between companies that offer similar products are very little and almost non-existent!

However, this issue remains very important in achieving positive results for companies!

For this, companies are racing to achieve a competitive advantage over their counterparts, and one of the points of competition that companies can follow is providing new services, and enhancing customer awareness in meeting their needs!

Certainly, the new additions must be within the same line of the products, otherwise the company’s identity will be lost.

In Hosa wa nos,

We care about this point, and focus on achieving high competitiveness, and we work to achieve integration between our services, and to meet the desires of customers. We expand the circle of services that go in the same line of work of the company, and thus we target wider customer segments, and we serve customers and achieve integration for the customer, by securing a wide package of his needs within our business field.

We started with the cleaning service, and within five years a wide range of related services, sterilization, home maintenance of all kinds (electricity, plumbing, furniture, walls, curtains, etc.) were added, all the way to the furniture transportation service.

In this way, we have achieved a wide range of our customers’ needs, thus increasing customer loyalty to our brand.

And within the upcoming plans, there is still a wide package of services that will be added, to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and achieve more customer needs.

Work stopped due to crises

There is no doubt that in natural disasters or in case of wars, crises and political conflicts, the economic movement stops and almost completely ends!

The main cause for this condition is the shock as a result of the new state, which is at its greatest in the first period, then it soon turns into a normal stage and a natural matter that society and people coexist with!

But the permanent and important question remains, will we stand in the face of the emergency?

Certainly, the first few days following the new state will be filled with stillness, lethargy, and sequential shocks.

Whoever manages to get up first and try to get back to work and understands the new condition will be the first to benefit!

The benefit manifests in two aspects:

  1. Return to work.
  2. Coming up with new ideas as a result of the new situation.

For example, three years ago when COVID-19 pandemic started, after the phase was absorbed, we added the sterilization service as a response to the new urgent need as a result of the new stage.

Now, after the earthquake, and after absorbing the new phase, and as a response to meet the new urgent needs, we have strengthened our transportation and maintenance services, although they are new services within the company, and the launch plan for these services was spread over a longer period of time, but as a result of emergency, we activated them widely to meet the new demand.

Life goes on, no matter what the new emergency is, and with each new situation, the needs differ and transform.

As long as life continues, strength and success are achieved when we are able to contain the new situation and deal with it professionally, and give new creative solutions to the new needs generated.

We are keen to play our role as a leading company within the community, and we seek to secure solutions and meet the needs within our scope of work.


We often hear about the terms; quality and quantity, and perhaps they are interrelated, but what is quality? How can we clarify the meaning associated with it every time we see it in front of us?

Quality is defined as: “Quality is a word used to describe something associated with quality.”

To better illustrate the meaning of quality, the following example can be taken: a worker manufactures 3 pieces of a specific product with high quality and unrivaled craftsmanship, and another worker manufactures 10 pieces of the same product but with lower quality, therefore the quality is the ideal number under ideal conditions, and let the example include 3 pieces of the product is of high quality.

In Hosawanos, we focus greatly on quality, and we are keen to provide services with high and top-notch quality. We are meticulous about the small details, from start to finish, and in order for quality to be present in all the details of our work, we focus on qualitative communication, qualitative service, qualitative follow-up, and qualitative clients.

We are keen to provide our services to qualitative clients, which is an essential advantage to us. Targeting qualitative clients increases the gains at all levels and is also reflected in a win-win relationship for both parties. The qualitative client appreciates the qualitative service and realizes the importance of quality in all the provided services, which in turn is reflected in Work details, and contributes to the psychological well-being of the team to perform its work in an optimal manner.

A qualitative customer is an unusual customer who has some basic characteristics, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. The qualitative client understands the importance of the service and its dimensions and appreciates the efforts made by the work team.
  2. After the first experience of cooperation with him, trust will be mutual between the customer and the service provider, which will reflect positively on future dealings.


  1. A qualitative customer opens the door for the service provider to provide his many services.
  2. The qualitative customer gives the service provider strength points when providing its services to him, which increases the marketing of services and the marketing of the name of the service provider.
  3. The qualitative customer turns into a marketer for the service provider, when he is happy with his services.

Therefore, targeting qualitative and distinguished customers is a very important point, and when achieved, it leads to many benefits.

Continuous improvement

As a result of the rapid changes taking place in various technological, administrative, planning and many other fields, it has become very difficult in the current era to maintain a static form or presence, bound by many frustration factors, whether on the personal level or on the of professional and institutional level!

We care about the principles of quality in general, and the most important principle is continuous improvement.

We focus on the continuous improvement and development of work mechanisms and services in a way that achieves customer satisfaction and increases their trust and loyalty.

It is considered to be the most important point in the current era, which is keeping pace with changes and developments at all levels, instead of running away from them, otherwise we will be out of the competition, whether on the personal or corporate level.

To achieve this continuous improvement, companies must follow the changes closely and find out the most important developments in their field, and work to adapt these changes to their work mechanisms, tasks and responsibilities, to achieve better results for both customers and the company.

Customers who are interested in the company and what it has to offer, are always on the look for what makes them happy, fulfills their desires and requirements, and when seeing the company develop, advance, and change itself to fit the new reality, this gives them a sense of security and strengthens their loyalty to the company.

The company will achieve more profit, beside achieving crucial internal results, and in some cases, they are extremely great.

In Hosawanos, and through our work on continuous improvement, and in the matter of materials in particular, we used new cleaning materials, which led to great benefits for customers in terms of the result of the materials, and great benefits for us in terms of the cost of the materials used.

In conclusion, we must continuously look for everything related to improving our services and products, in order to reach customer satisfaction and achieve the best results at all levels.

Competitiveness between companies

Many companies and enterprises offer similar products in terms of content in general, whether they are products or service, the main criterion for the relations among them remains competitiveness, with the goal of survival, continuity, and growth by increasing the market share.

Competitiveness is defined as the ability of companies to market their products and increase their sales in light of competition with other companies.

Competitiveness is one of the issues of paramount importance to economists, businessmen, and economic policymakers alike.

There are many points of influence in building competitiveness. We can attribute this ability to low prices, quality, innovation, or brand.

It is natural for each company to strive to enhance its competitiveness against others in order to ensure economic growth and increase market share.

The focus can be on the following points in order to build effective competitiveness:

  1. Compliance with specifications and requirements of international standards for current and new markets, in order to provide the best products to consolidate and enhance the market position and work to expand it.
  2. Creative and innovative marketing policies that use markets to create products distinct from competitors that respond to consumers’ aspirations, and achieve beyond that, to attract them to these products.

In addition to building and marketing a brand to be a reliable brand within the market with its integrated products and services that include the pre-purchase, during purchase, and post-purchase stages.

  1. Building capabilities and skills in the areas of management, human resources, quality, and production, in order to achieve the best investment in human and material resources in order to achieve high competitiveness with others.

We consider that focusing on the concept of quality is the main way to build and enhance competitiveness and enable the company to achieve high competitiveness within the market.

When the company’s senior management adopts the quality policy, works to implement and consolidate it, it aims to deal with all points in in details, to achieve the best investment in the process from the ground up.

The quality policy is a system that targets the administrative aspects of planning, marketing, sales and after-sales services, in addition to the manufacturing and service aspects, leading to effective integrated investment, to achieve customer desires and build high competitiveness, to maintain, enhance and increase market share.

Hygiene is a life style

Neglecting regular cleaning of the home or the office leads to mold in damp areas, smudges on glass surfaces; as well as the formation of spider webs in dark corners and on the ceiling, and dust covering the surfaces.

Moreover, the bacteria will cause the garbage bins and bathrooms to have a very unpleasant smell.

The purpose of cleaning is:

  1. Dispose of garbage, cleaning the dirty surfaces and dusting them of.
  2. Give a shine feel to your home or office.
  3. Give your home or office a smell of freshness.
  4. Make your home or office more convenient to live and use.

Public hygiene is also important to society, and it will raise it and develop it, or it could destroy society if ignored.

Neglecting hygiene and cleaning operations, leads to the piling up of dust on the surfaces, thus making them dirty. When dusting those surfaces, it can be suspended in the air, causing sneezing and breathing problems, and it can also move from furniture to clothes and make them filthy.

Neglecting hygiene, overall, within society affects the tourism in the country, to a negative extent. On the other hand, when the public hygiene is prioritized and appreciated by the country and done to the fullest, tourism will flourish, and the national income increases.

As the neatness of touristic attractions increases number of tourists, in addition to the cleanliness of streets and public properties, it improves the appearance of the country in front of everyone, and is achieved through attention to hygiene agencies and their workers.

A clean environment is also able to affect humans in a positive and noticeable way. A person who lives in a clean environment is in a better health, and his/her mind-set is better compared to a person who lives in an unclean environment.

In addition, a person’s thinking and productivity are affected by the environment in which he/she lives.

Therefore, adopting hygiene and the cleaning process as one of the foundations of life leads to:

  1. Form a protective shield from diseases and epidemics.
  2. Achieve physical and mental health, increase productivity, and sharp mind-set.

To achieve this, hygiene must be a lifestyle and we must feel joy during the cleaning process. We must prepare integrated periodic cleaning programs in a way that achieves permanent cleanliness of places. By repeating cleaning operations for every detail of the house or office as needed, to maintain a continues clean and good state; to achieve psychological comfort and happiness.

The Convenience at Hosa Wa Nos

Price is ” the money you pay in exchange for something”; the more you have in return, in high quality, and tailored to your needs, the more convenient you feel.

Lots of people refrain from buying a certain product or service due to the high price from their perspective, different customers lead to different opinions over prices.

At Hosawanos, we offer several services at fixed prices, unlike others; we provide convenience to the customer, by providing a range of services from one source.

Over the years, many clients contacted us and abstained from requesting our services due to the high price according to their point of view, only to contact us afterwards, telling us that the price we offer includes the most important detail we provide to clients, “Convenience”.

We provide an array of integrated services, in one place, and our clients get all those services from the same source and at the same cost, in addition to “convenience”, which is our aim.

Many customers have hired many people to implement this service (more than one service provider), and they paid high prices; and on top of that, they had to follow up on the providers and follow up on the services to reach the desired outcome.

The best feature of Hosawanos is “convenience”, whereby the customers get all the related services from one place (one integrated service provider), with high precision, and in a record time, with just a phone call to request the service.

Integration of services Provided by Hosa Wa Nos

The core of quality is to ensure customers satisfaction and to meet their requirements, and one of the most important components of service quality is the integration of these services.

In Hosawanos, we provide all the requirements of our service, to integrate our services, meet customers’ requirements and to earn their satisfaction and loyalty.

We offer our services within a high degree of integration, that exceed customers’ expectations in some details. According to the feedbacks on our service by the clients after doing business with us, they were astonished, and the finer details were unexpected.

Our cleaning service includes providing cleaning materials and equipment and the adequate human staff for each area, as well as carrying out accumulated dirt (In cases of closed places for a long period of time) to the designated places. In addition, we offer repair service to all that needs repair, such as furniture, windows, sanitary facilities in homes, and electrical maintenance as well.

It’s a complete cleaning service; that includes carrying out dirt, and maintenance, in order to get a place ready to use, without the need to make any effort by the client.

We provide integrated well-thought-out services; to bring convenience to the customers, and to gain their loyalty to our company.

How We invest in Time at Hosa Wa Nos

Time is considered as one of the most invaluable assets, one that we dedicate great focus for.

In Hosa Wa Nos, time is considered the main factor to adhere to and utilized to attain satisfactory results for everyone in a timely fashion (the agreed-upon timeframe with the client).

We are keen to adhere to the agreed-upon dates (Inspection date, implementation date, delivery date), through organizing, planning and management; It’s a feature that contributes to giving our clients satisfaction, which is the added value that we provide to customers in Hosa Wa Nos.

Expatriates constitute a large segment of our customers, they always express their relief and joy with our commitment to time, and our absolute punctuality, which is a great advantage for us in attracting them to request our services.

Hosa Wa Nos invests in its time, and that of the client’s, in the best possible way for both parties to retain contentment for all.

Agile Management in Hosa Wa Nos

Agile management is a modern approach to project management, based on flexibility, gradual build-up and quick trials, where the project is divided into pieces or small projects which can be completed in a short period. Thus, the project is completed and launched incrementally, rather than building the entire project and launching it all at once.

In Hosa Wa Nos, we adopt agility as a management method, and we always seek to achieve small goals step-by-step to greater accomplish objectives.

We offer a cluster of services, each initiated by the Agile management method, starting from forming an initial structure for it. Then, launching the service and building its details through the ideas and opinions of our customers, up to the final form of the service, which is constantly evolving and changing, and of an ongoing constructiveness in line with the changing needs of customers.

We have the speed and flexibility to launch new services according to the urgent needs in the market to meet the demands of customers while delivering profits for Hosa Wa Nos; e.g. the sterilization service that was launched in 2020 within one week to meet the urgent needs of customers as a result of COVID-19, which was developed within one month, and reaching its current form that meets the needs and desires of clients.

We are building Hosa Wa Noss step by step to achieve the objectives and vision for which Hosa Wa Nos emerged in the first place.

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