Hosa Wa Nos & Cultural Diversity

The environments and cultures that make up the Syrian community vary in traditions, customs, and characteristics, including eating habits, lifestyles, and outer appearance.

In Hosa Wa Nos, we respect differences, diversity, and the richness of our society’s cultures; we consider the needs shaped by the customs and traditions of each environment, which contributes to providing comfort to everyone, including employees and customers, to achieve the desired results in the best possible way.

The main ingredient for business success, growth, and development, is workers’ comfort in the workplace; And that’s what we believe in and work on in Hosa Wa Nos.

For instance, one of our female workers, and according to her culture, doesn’t accept wearing anything but her costume, and doesn’t accept wearing the company’s uniform. At first, she was forced to wear the uniform but after some reconsidering, she was allowed to wear whatever she wants, which gave her a great comfort that reflected on her work and outcomes.

We take into consideration the customers and their cultures and their own variations of cleaning methods, to deliver the desired outcome in the best way known and likable by the clients, so they can be in a state of rest, and that’s our added value in Hosa Wa Nos.

Out of our belief in diversity, differences, and respect for all cultures, we try hard in Hosa Wa Nos, to promote respect towards all environments and cultures, and to participate in the realization of peace.