Which includes a thorough cleaning of the entire place, including cleaning walls and ceilings, and washing of curtains, carpets, blankets. This could be a partial service, with specific details that are agreed upon.

Service Request Mechanism

  • Determining the place details (number of rooms, restrooms, balconies, glassed), the place status (abandoned, furnished, occupied), the requested service, and the details requested, as follows:
    *Periodical cleaning: consisting of a number of visits/month under a specific agreement (the team supervisor proposes, explains, the periodical systems of the company) so one of which would be chosen.
    *A clean up: which includes all the elements of the task place (windows, storage spaces, doors, closets, dusting, restrooms, kitchen with cabinets and fridge). Elements can be chosen to be cleaned aside from other ones.
    *A complete clean up: which includes all the elements of the place (walls, ceilings, windows, doors, storage spaces, etc.)
    *Sterilization: which includes the floors, surfaces, wooden furniture, and glassware and windows. This service can be a one-time, or it can be a periodic service according to a special work program.
  • In case of reaching an agreement upon the approximated fees of the service, an appointment is made to visit the place where the service will be done.
  • After the visit, the fees are determined (fixed and non-negotiable).
  • If the fees are approved, an appointment will be made at the company office to sign the service delivery contract, know how the team works, pay the fees, and set the date for implementing the service.
  • Delivery of the service on the set date.
  • 6. Service evaluation by the friend in order to develop our work, and achieve more of the requirements of the friends.