Agile Management in Hosa Wa Nos

Agile management is a modern approach to project management, based on flexibility, gradual build-up and quick trials, where the project is divided into pieces or small projects which can be completed in a short period. Thus, the project is completed and launched incrementally, rather than building the entire project and launching it all at once.

In Hosa Wa Nos, we adopt agility as a management method, and we always seek to achieve small goals step-by-step to greater accomplish objectives.

We offer a cluster of services, each initiated by the Agile management method, starting from forming an initial structure for it. Then, launching the service and building its details through the ideas and opinions of our customers, up to the final form of the service, which is constantly evolving and changing, and of an ongoing constructiveness in line with the changing needs of customers.

We have the speed and flexibility to launch new services according to the urgent needs in the market to meet the demands of customers while delivering profits for Hosa Wa Nos; e.g. the sterilization service that was launched in 2020 within one week to meet the urgent needs of customers as a result of COVID-19, which was developed within one month, and reaching its current form that meets the needs and desires of clients.

We are building Hosa Wa Noss step by step to achieve the objectives and vision for which Hosa Wa Nos emerged in the first place.