Al-Raes Mosque


Hosa WaNos comes hand in hand with social responsibility, and is a pillar of support for the whole city.

By the end of April, and as means of preparations for the holy month of Ramadan, we provided a cleaning service for the women’s section in Al-Raes Mosque, out of our sense of responsibility towards society.

Saint Georges Church

Ever since we have founded Househ Wa Nos, we took it upon ourselves to consider social responsibility in all of our work, and to be a rock to support our city in all fields

By the start of April, we have provided, at no additional charges, our cleaning service to the church of Saint Georges, to work by the social responsibility concept.

All in

On 14 and 15 September in Alhurrya’s sport club, a local basketball tournament started. The goal was to support the Syrian Association of Cancer Treatment for Children

The tournament was under the name “All in” and it attracted participation from many private companies and the Syrian Association of basketball as well as volunteers

Hosa wa nos was proud to be one of the sponsors to this tournament by offering cleaning services to the club as well as giving financial awards to the winners