• Sanitary services (including installation or maintenance of sewer extensions for the place, tanks, and mixers, ...).

• Electrical services (including installation and maintenance of electrical extensions, main panel, alternative energy, ...)

• Window and door maintenance services (wood, aluminum).

• Full home furniture maintenance services.

• Painting and wallpapering services

The mechanism for requesting maintenance services

  • Determine the details of the place (number of rooms), the status of the place, the area of the place, the name of the person, and the required service, and specify the details required in the service.
  • An appointment is set to check the place where the service is required to be implemented.
  • Determine the final price of the service (the price is fixed and not negotiable).
  • If the final price is approved, a date is set for signing the service contract, paying the financial value, and setting a date for implementing the service.