The multiplicity of services provided

Perhaps the competition today has become very tough within the labor market, as the points of competition are close, and the differences between companies that offer similar products are very little and almost non-existent!

However, this issue remains very important in achieving positive results for companies!

For this, companies are racing to achieve a competitive advantage over their counterparts, and one of the points of competition that companies can follow is providing new services, and enhancing customer awareness in meeting their needs!

Certainly, the new additions must be within the same line of the products, otherwise the company’s identity will be lost.

In Hosa wa nos,

We care about this point, and focus on achieving high competitiveness, and we work to achieve integration between our services, and to meet the desires of customers. We expand the circle of services that go in the same line of work of the company, and thus we target wider customer segments, and we serve customers and achieve integration for the customer, by securing a wide package of his needs within our business field.

We started with the cleaning service, and within five years a wide range of related services, sterilization, home maintenance of all kinds (electricity, plumbing, furniture, walls, curtains, etc.) were added, all the way to the furniture transportation service.

In this way, we have achieved a wide range of our customers’ needs, thus increasing customer loyalty to our brand.

And within the upcoming plans, there is still a wide package of services that will be added, to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and achieve more customer needs.

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