Work stopped due to crises

There is no doubt that in natural disasters or in case of wars, crises and political conflicts, the economic movement stops and almost completely ends!

The main cause for this condition is the shock as a result of the new state, which is at its greatest in the first period, then it soon turns into a normal stage and a natural matter that society and people coexist with!

But the permanent and important question remains, will we stand in the face of the emergency?

Certainly, the first few days following the new state will be filled with stillness, lethargy, and sequential shocks.

Whoever manages to get up first and try to get back to work and understands the new condition will be the first to benefit!

The benefit manifests in two aspects:

  1. Return to work.
  2. Coming up with new ideas as a result of the new situation.

For example, three years ago when COVID-19 pandemic started, after the phase was absorbed, we added the sterilization service as a response to the new urgent need as a result of the new stage.

Now, after the earthquake, and after absorbing the new phase, and as a response to meet the new urgent needs, we have strengthened our transportation and maintenance services, although they are new services within the company, and the launch plan for these services was spread over a longer period of time, but as a result of emergency, we activated them widely to meet the new demand.

Life goes on, no matter what the new emergency is, and with each new situation, the needs differ and transform.

As long as life continues, strength and success are achieved when we are able to contain the new situation and deal with it professionally, and give new creative solutions to the new needs generated.

We are keen to play our role as a leading company within the community, and we seek to secure solutions and meet the needs within our scope of work.