We often hear about the terms; quality and quantity, and perhaps they are interrelated, but what is quality? How can we clarify the meaning associated with it every time we see it in front of us?

Quality is defined as: “Quality is a word used to describe something associated with quality.”

To better illustrate the meaning of quality, the following example can be taken: a worker manufactures 3 pieces of a specific product with high quality and unrivaled craftsmanship, and another worker manufactures 10 pieces of the same product but with lower quality, therefore the quality is the ideal number under ideal conditions, and let the example include 3 pieces of the product is of high quality.

In Hosawanos, we focus greatly on quality, and we are keen to provide services with high and top-notch quality. We are meticulous about the small details, from start to finish, and in order for quality to be present in all the details of our work, we focus on qualitative communication, qualitative service, qualitative follow-up, and qualitative clients.

We are keen to provide our services to qualitative clients, which is an essential advantage to us. Targeting qualitative clients increases the gains at all levels and is also reflected in a win-win relationship for both parties. The qualitative client appreciates the qualitative service and realizes the importance of quality in all the provided services, which in turn is reflected in Work details, and contributes to the psychological well-being of the team to perform its work in an optimal manner.

A qualitative customer is an unusual customer who has some basic characteristics, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. The qualitative client understands the importance of the service and its dimensions and appreciates the efforts made by the work team.
  2. After the first experience of cooperation with him, trust will be mutual between the customer and the service provider, which will reflect positively on future dealings.


  1. A qualitative customer opens the door for the service provider to provide his many services.
  2. The qualitative customer gives the service provider strength points when providing its services to him, which increases the marketing of services and the marketing of the name of the service provider.
  3. The qualitative customer turns into a marketer for the service provider, when he is happy with his services.

Therefore, targeting qualitative and distinguished customers is a very important point, and when achieved, it leads to many benefits.