Competitiveness between companies

Many companies and enterprises offer similar products in terms of content in general, whether they are products or service, the main criterion for the relations among them remains competitiveness, with the goal of survival, continuity, and growth by increasing the market share.

Competitiveness is defined as the ability of companies to market their products and increase their sales in light of competition with other companies.

Competitiveness is one of the issues of paramount importance to economists, businessmen, and economic policymakers alike.

There are many points of influence in building competitiveness. We can attribute this ability to low prices, quality, innovation, or brand.

It is natural for each company to strive to enhance its competitiveness against others in order to ensure economic growth and increase market share.

The focus can be on the following points in order to build effective competitiveness:

  1. Compliance with specifications and requirements of international standards for current and new markets, in order to provide the best products to consolidate and enhance the market position and work to expand it.
  2. Creative and innovative marketing policies that use markets to create products distinct from competitors that respond to consumers’ aspirations, and achieve beyond that, to attract them to these products.

In addition to building and marketing a brand to be a reliable brand within the market with its integrated products and services that include the pre-purchase, during purchase, and post-purchase stages.

  1. Building capabilities and skills in the areas of management, human resources, quality, and production, in order to achieve the best investment in human and material resources in order to achieve high competitiveness with others.

We consider that focusing on the concept of quality is the main way to build and enhance competitiveness and enable the company to achieve high competitiveness within the market.

When the company’s senior management adopts the quality policy, works to implement and consolidate it, it aims to deal with all points in in details, to achieve the best investment in the process from the ground up.

The quality policy is a system that targets the administrative aspects of planning, marketing, sales and after-sales services, in addition to the manufacturing and service aspects, leading to effective integrated investment, to achieve customer desires and build high competitiveness, to maintain, enhance and increase market share.

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