Integration of services Provided by Hosa Wa Nos

The core of quality is to ensure customers satisfaction and to meet their requirements, and one of the most important components of service quality is the integration of these services.

In Hosawanos, we provide all the requirements of our service, to integrate our services, meet customers’ requirements and to earn their satisfaction and loyalty.

We offer our services within a high degree of integration, that exceed customers’ expectations in some details. According to the feedbacks on our service by the clients after doing business with us, they were astonished, and the finer details were unexpected.

Our cleaning service includes providing cleaning materials and equipment and the adequate human staff for each area, as well as carrying out accumulated dirt (In cases of closed places for a long period of time) to the designated places. In addition, we offer repair service to all that needs repair, such as furniture, windows, sanitary facilities in homes, and electrical maintenance as well.

It’s a complete cleaning service; that includes carrying out dirt, and maintenance, in order to get a place ready to use, without the need to make any effort by the client.

We provide integrated well-thought-out services; to bring convenience to the customers, and to gain their loyalty to our company.

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